Customer Service Representatives

Customer Service Representatives

Profesionals who can interacts with customers to fulfill orders, document communication and resolve issues. Relies on established guidelines and instructions to perform daily job functions. Works under immediate supervision and usually reports to a supervisor.

Good customer service is as much about creating positive public awareness and goodwill for your company as it is about troubleshooting ongoing issues your customers might face, before they escalate into a bigger problem. That’s why it’s important to build a specialized team to tackle this key role the right way. After all, consumers generally tell more people about a terrible experience with a company than they do when they have a great interaction.

The best customer service agents are personable, friendly, resilient, and upbeat. They know how to interact with people in a positive way, regardless of how the interaction starts out. Outsource Nigeria has great capacity to outsource CSR agents who can help you keep your customer base satisfied, by working directly with customers via phone, email, live chat, social media, and other common support methods.

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Customer Service Representatives

Great customer service professionals are masters at understanding people, displaying empathy, remaining calm under stress, and politely diffusing conflict. They usually interact with a company’s customers to answer questions, take orders, trouble-shoot technical issues, respond to complaints, and process returns. The great ones do all of this efficiently, while skillfully building relationships between the customer and the company.

At Outsource Nigeria our Customer service representatives(CSR) can analyze situations, investigate problems, and create solutions based on the resources available. They possess strong listening skills to accurately understand customer needs with strong speaking and/or writing skills to efficiently resolve customer concerns via phone, chat, or email. Resolving issues through these communication methods can be a little more challenging because they don’t see body language. As a result, they’re usually skilled at picking up on subtleties.

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Data Entry Specialist

Data entry typically involves entering information, such as names, addresses, URLs, and other types of data into a file, database, or document. Data entry can include taking information from one format and converting into another format using software tools. For example, tasks might involve taking data from a medical record and entering into a spreadsheet or inputting information from a printed document into a database. Whether compiling information manually or by copy-and-pasting, it’s essential to have attention to detail and accuracy. Great typing skills are also important.

If you have a list of contacts you need built out, spreadsheets that need to be created, or information that needs to be entered into a database, a data entry expert can help you save time and increase efficiency. Data entry professionals on Outsource Nigeria have expertise in certain industries such as insurance or finance. Our data entry specialist can help you tackle your tasks and get more work done faster.

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Administrative Assistants

The complex, dynamic nature of today’s fluid business environment demands agility and flexibility, especially when it comes to contingent project staffing. If you’re looking for an Administrative Assistants to enhance productivity and project success, look to Outsource Nigeria. We’ll help you identify, hire and work with a administrative assistant who uniquely qualified for the job – faster, smarter and more affordably than ever. When time and money matter most, Outsource Nigeria delivers with streamlined processes that help you get your Administrative Assistants on board and up and running in a matter of days. Send us your job description to get started.

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Our Process


Requirement Posting and Initial Discussion With The Client

Our inside sales team initiates a call to understand the project in detail, along with budgetary constraints.


Project Analysis and Consultation with Domain Experts

The project team gets back with the proposed solution for development. This includes the scope, product backlog and the iterations on the project.


Team Approval & Deliverables Defined

Once the proposal is approved, the best fit candidate/team is selected.


Contract Signup and Outsourcing Kick-off with Sprint Plan

Once the candidate/team is selected and the processes agreed upon, the contract is initiated.


Deployment and Performance Reviews

The candidate/team is deployed and becomes a part of your in-house team working the same office hours as you, while we handle regular performance reviews and administration.