Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales

Profesionals with excellent backgrounds who have the ability to generate traffic, capture interest, and most importantly, close deals.

As a business owner, you know that there are hundreds of different marketing channels and strategies out there for growing your business. You also know that your marketing budget isn’t infinite, so you have to be selective with the ones you choose. But as consumers continue to increase their reliance on the Internet as a research and purchasing tool, it’s important that you include it in your marketing strategy.

Although the Internet is a relatively new marketing tool compared to methods like print ads and billboards, it has arguably already become more of an essential. Consumers no longer accept the advertisements presented to them as facts. They go online and do their research, so it’s critical you’re your business has a presence there.

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They have a solid understanding of what consumers want and need and the intricacies of how a sales process works. Since there are many unique ways to gain the attention of potential customers today, it’s difficult to summarize every possible element of what a sales professional can do for your business. Below are several of the most popular categories:

  • Lead Generation Expert
    Lead generation professionals use various forms of marketing outreach to find ideal customers and create interest around the brands they’re representing.
  • Outbound Sales and Telemarketing
    Outbound sales professionals reach out directly to fresh leads in order to gather information, identify needs, and ultimately close sales.
  • Sales Consultants
    Sales consultants are often highly successful former sales reps that bring an in-depth understanding of how to generate more leads, find new revenue streams, and increase conversion rates.
  • Inbound Marketing Professionals
    These professionals use data-driven metrics to continually test and improve the performance of their client’s website. Some may also have design or copywriting skills to further enhance campaigns.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity for businesses to gain greater visibility with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. An SEO expert has the skill to help clients vault their way up the search engines, all the while focusing on things like customer engagement and conversion rates.

Most SEO experts will specialize in several of the areas mentioned below:

  • – In-depth keyword research
  • – Studying traffic and analytics
  • – Split-testing similar pages
  • – Building natural backlinks
  • – Analyzing the client’s competitors
  • – Maximizing local search exposure
  • – Developing strong calls to action
  • – Working with writers and designers
  • – Programming in HTML, PHP, etc.
  • – Expertise with WordPress or Joomla
  • – Creating effective ranking strategies
  • – Researching the latest SEO practices

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social media marketing

Today, consumers are increasingly multiplatform. They’re coming to a brand’s website, downloading a mobile app, visiting a store, watching a commercial, “liking” the company on Facebook; often doing all of these things in a single purchase cycle. Understanding how social media fits into the equation will lead to better results. Skilled marketers can meet objectives like:

  • – Setting initial benchmarks for followers, increased traffic, etc.
  • – Preparing quality content for blogs and social platforms
  • – Creating promotions and contests to increase engagement
  • – Engaging experts and influencers to increase brand reach
  • – Using analytics software to measure campaign success

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Our Process


Requirement Posting and Initial Discussion With The Client

Our inside sales team initiates a call to understand the project in detail, along with budgetary constraints.


Project Analysis and Consultation with Domain Experts

The project team gets back with the proposed solution for development. This includes the scope, product backlog and the iterations on the project.


Team Approval & Deliverables Defined

Once the proposal is approved, the best fit candidate/team is selected.


Contract Signup and Outsourcing Kick-off with Sprint Plan

Once the candidate/team is selected and the processes agreed upon, the contract is initiated.


Deployment and Performance Reviews

The candidate/team is deployed and becomes a part of your in-house team working the same office hours as you, while we handle regular performance reviews and administration.