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Effective Goal Planning

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There are many attributes that define top performers: persistence, winning attitude, drive, talent, ability to overcome adversity, faith, and inspiration, among others. The reality is people succeed and win for various reasons. Yet there is one common ingredient that links virtually all successful people to their success: Well-planned goals.

Effective Goal Planning walks you through the steps required to set winning goals. You’ll get help making clear decisions about what is most important to you, what dreams are priorities, what goals you will achieve, and what really motivates you to take action.

Using Jeb Blount’s Goal Planning workbook that has been used by more than 200,000 people to set winning goals you write down a plan and create your own Goal Sheet™. You will find that once you have a written plan in place, nothing can stop you.

In just 30 minutes you can set winning goals that get you on the right track and help you shape a positive future.

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Introduction to Goal Planning

Written Goals are Powerful

Make Your Goals Tangible

Goals Must Have Deadlines & Be Congruent

Goals Have Measurable Steps to Success

To Have’s. To Be’s. To Do’s.

Building Your Goal Sheet

The 3 Questions That Matter Most