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Omni Channel 0800 Toll Free Phone Numbers

Toll free numbers

0800 Toll Free Phone Numbers

Business communication strategy has changed drastically over the years, and business owners are now under pressure to adapt and thrive within this new competitive environment. In a world where companies are competing hard to reach the pinnacle of success, businesses need to stay relevant and be available to their customers 24/7.

To ensure this, many companies have started availing toll-free number services to strengthen customer relationships, maintain brand recognition, track consumer behavior, and improve customer retention rates.

A toll-free number is an indispensable asset that helps businesses grow over time. It allows your customers to call your business for free and the toll-free call’s cost is borne by companies (who are usually the toll-free subscribers), and not the calling party (customers).


A call to a TOLL FREE number is free to
all telecoms subscribers in Nigeria.


0800 Toll Free Services

0800 Toll Free

How It Works

In general, the calling process is pretty much the same as how you make any other call. Customers dial a toll-free number, and the call will be routed to a (Omni Channel) cloud telephony destination managed by the VoIP service that is availed by the business. The VoIP phone system provider then directs the customer calls to a company’s support team.

Our toll-free number comes with various useful features such as call recording, call monitoring, and analytics. These features can provide comprehensive business insights to the business owner for better decision making. It can also measure agent performance and call quality. Businesses can also use a toll-free number as a missed call number for customer engagement and marketing purposes.

Although brands may understand the significance, many still do not know how to get a toll-free number for business. One of the first steps in getting a toll-free number is to identify a service provider like Omni Channel which has many options of 0800 numbers to select and customize your number. Once you choose a number, all that remains to be done is setting up the account and assigning the number to an existing phone line.


Benefits of using Toll-free Numbers

Using toll-free numbers has many advantages. It gives you both short term as well as long term benefits, which saves a significant amount on your cost and fetches more leads to your business.

On a fundamental level, having a free number that your end-users can dial to have a quick chat and get their issues solved makes your organization look good. Service of this kind is imperative for a business that is willing to take that extra step to help its customer and maintain its brand image.

Toll-free numbers come with considerable trust benefits. They are highly recognizable as business contact numbers, and an organization that uses them is unlikely to be seen as a small-time operation. These numbers can be highly useful as a catchall identifier that users will trust.

Promoting your toll-free numbers on marketing platforms can maximize the turn out of the customers instantly. Companies can also take advantage of the ‘click-to-call’ feature by directly linking their toll-free numbers with call extensions.

According to Google, a majority of search users connect with a business directly through the ‘click-to-call’ option. They find it convenient and easy when compared to other methods of communication.

Today, toll-free numbers services are easy to set up & affordable for businesses of all kinds. The subscription rates for these services are lower than regular telephone services. Service providers offer affordable monthly plans or cloud options (pay as you go), which don’t need a contract.

Toll-free numbers work with cloud platforms, which gives it additional advantages over the traditional phone system. Cloud communication platforms provide maximum uptime and robust infrastructure, which helps companies build better customer experience.