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Enterprise Business SMART NUMBER 0700

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Enterprise Smart Number for Inbound Calls

Omni Channel is pleased to inform you – the provision of our business class 0700 SMART NUMBER that will connect customers & co-workers for internal and external phone communication. Copper-based landlines were a great tool when they were first introduced, but the technology is 150 years old and susceptible to failure during storms, floods and other system outages. VoIP with Omni Voice is the phone service of the now and the future, and it’s more reliable than ever.
When you work with Omni Voice, we provide new VoIP-enabled handsets for your entire office. If you prefer, we can also integrate your existing phones with our software solutions. You will be able to check voicemail from any phone or computer, anytime, and can listen to calls and call recordings in the cloud. You can also take advantage of small business management software so you know who’s calling and from where, which of your employees is available, and each one’s success.
The Smart Number Service provides your business with easy-to-remember phone numbers made up of numbers and alphabets that uniquely identify the name of your business, product or service. This makes the numbers easy to recall increasing your business’s reachability among customers and prospects and as such increasing business opportunity.

Smart Numbers Classification

  • Non-toll free 0700 numbers
  • Toll free 0800 numbers
  • Both non-toll free numbers and toll-free numbers, must consist of a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 12 letters (alphabets) after the initial 0700 or 0800.

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Benefits of Smart Numbers

A Smart Number will allow your business number stand out and be more easily remembered that the ordinary numbers of your competition.

Smart Number

How It Works

In general, the calling process is pretty much the same as how you make any other call. Customers dial a Smart number, and the call will be routed to a (Omni Channel) cloud telephony destination managed by the VoIP service that is availed by the business. The VoIP phone system provider then directs the customer calls to a company’s support team.

Our Smart number comes with various useful features such as call recording, call monitoring, and analytics. These features can provide comprehensive business insights to the business owner for better decision making. It can also measure agent performance and call quality. Businesses can also use a smart number as a missed call number for customer engagement and marketing purposes.

Although brands may understand the significance, many still do not know how to get a Smart number for business. One of the first steps in getting a smart number is to identify a service provider like Omni Channel which has many options of 0800 numbers to select and customize your number. Once you choose a number, all that remains to be done is setting up the account and assigning the number to an existing phone line.


Sample Smart Numbers

• One-Number Dial Service: A Smart Number can be linked to as many as 30 existing phone numbers.
• 0800 Toll-free Service: A 0800 Smart Number allows your customers call you for free while you pay for their calls.
• Digital Interleaving: If a Smart number is linked to your other phone numbers, this feature enables incoming calls to be equally apportioned among them.
• Non-Alphabet Smart (Special) Numbers Easy-to-remember numbers without alphabets. E.g. 0700 1111 2222 3333