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Customer Relationship Management & Ticketing Software


Customer Relationship Management

CRM provides you with a core Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which you can use to manage all your sales and customer processes.

The solution is, of course, seamlessly integrated with the other modules in the system such call center and collaboration, but is also suitable for integration with a variety of other solutions such as marketing automation, campaign tools and customer service, to mention a few.

CRM For An Elevated Customer Experience

CRM Benefits

Our CRM gives management access to a variety of reports that provide a complete overview of sales, target attainment and activity level. By using our system’s budget feature, you can measure attainment of budget targets on both a departmental, team and sales rep level.

Trading history gives a picture of what sales activities have taken place in the past and what can be improved. Have you ever wondered whether sales targets are realistic, about the frequency of meetings with sales reps, and which campaigns and sources result in the most sales? You can extract this and a lot of other useful information from our web-based CRM system.


Help Desk Ticketing Software

A fully integrated ticketing system is the first step to building a great customer experience. It’s a central hub for all your customer questions, requests, and concerns. Above all, it gives you a complete picture of each customer, so you can offer the right support.

A help desk ticketing system (support ticket system) is help desk software that collects and tracks all customer support interactions from various channels—phone, chat widget, email, and social media. No matter how a customer chooses to reach out to your team, that interaction will be logged in the system.

When it comes to efficiency, not all ticket management systems are created equal. OmniDesk Support is an omnichannel ticketing system that makes it easy for your business to track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets for inquiries. OmniDesk support ticketing software makes it effortless for teams to access and manage all information from one centralized hub, giving chat agents a full view of each customer and their journey, regardless of where the conversation originated.

Whether customers reach out over email, chat, phone, or any web, mobile, or social channel, every submission creates a ticket and enters a queue. Customers get a notification to confirm your support team received the request and that help is on the way. Meanwhile, robust tools like routing, CSAT ratings, time tracking, service level agreements, and more, ensure your agents won’t miss a beat.