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Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring Salespeople

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Recruiting and hiring top talent is the number one challenge facing sales leaders across every industry. Most sales leaders struggle with hiring because they don’t have an effective recruiting and interviewing process that attracts top talent.

If you’re frustrated with turnover, poor performance, and the inability to find top salespeople, this course, taught by author and sales management gurus, is for you. The tutor arms you with the tools and techniques you’ll need to begin immediately hiring better salespeople. You’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate your current team (do you have the right people)
  • Assess your current hiring practices
  • Find the right candidates
  • Develop an ideal candidate profile
  • Conduct effective telephone screening so you avoid wasting time with the wrong people
  • Avoid costly interviewing mistakes
  • Effectively onboard your new sales rep and get them up to speed fast
  • Through videos, tutorials, and downloadable guides you’ll get everything you need to start building a high-performance sales team.

    Topics for this course

    23 Lessons

    Course Overview

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    Intellectual Property Notice

    Evaluate Your Team

    Finding The Right Candidate

    Sales Hiring Mistakes

    Developing The Ideal Candidate Profile

    Effective Interviewing

    Onboarding Your New Sales Hire

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