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Frequently Asked Questions


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Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed, please feel free to contact us.

Our company provides a variety of engagement models for hiring resources. Clients have the option to choose from the following models:
Dedicated – – 160 Hours/Month
Part Time – 80 Hours/Month
Time and Material Based – Hourly

The process for hiring resources is simple. The client shares the project requirements by filling the form here Request a quote and the relevant interviews are scheduled. Once the best-fit resource is selected, he(she) is deployed with the client.

We are here for you throughout the entire process, not just the sourcing and selection process. We will be checking in at regular intervals to ensure that things are operating as per your plan, and we will also check in at regular intervals with your remote worker. We take full responsibility for our worker’s presence and performance, and pride ourselves on always staying on top of that. You will always be aware of what is happening. Communication is the key to success.

Every project is unique. A dedicated team is the best choice to carefully deal with your special requirements and features specified by your business needs, end-users and personal preferences. The flexibility in managing and staffing an ODT guarantees high ROI and top-quality results.

It takes 3-5 working days for the resource(s) to come on-board for the project.

We can do it on your request after settling all details. The payment depends on your pilot project requirements and scope. Contact our manager for more details.

We will be checking in with you at regular intervals to ensure that you are happy with the performance of your worker. At any time, if their performance begins to suffer we would ask that you try to resolve the situation just as you would with any other employee. However, if those efforts do not produce the desired results and performance is still lacking, we will replace them. No questions asked.

Yes, if a client is dissatisfied with a particular resource for a specified period of time then our company ensures timely replacement.

We can fill a variety of roles in the Web and Mobile domains, Hardware solutions and just to mention a few. For a full list check our outsourcing page.

The main aim and benefit of outsourcing is value increase for your company. This is achieved through higher business process level, considerable cost reduction and shorter project delivery time.

Contact our experts and they will assist you in turning your specific business needs and requirements into technical specification for your software.

No, there are no hidden/additional costs for hiring dedicated resources.