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Outsourced Sales Training

Outsourced Sales Training

Combining timeless sales techniques with cutting-edge sales technology

Ongoing training education is the best investment a sales organization can make. While many organizations have great systems and management in place, these same organizations also hire sales professionals with great potential, but inadequate training to reveal their full potential.
Outsource Nigeria sales training is an ongoing immersion into both timeless and true sales techniques, as well as into cutting-edge sales technology, to ultimately produce well-versed, creative, and extremely effective sales professionals. Sales is tough, which is why we exist: to provide you with a well-organized and finely tuned sales force fully dedicated to the growth of your business.
Sales challenges vary drastically from organization to organization depending on its size, industry served, age, location, and more. Do you have the right people, processes, sales strategy, analytics, and sales enablement technology to produce consistent results?
Outsource Nigeria has focused on providing dedicated professional outsourced sales services and solutions by recruiting, training, and managing our client’s sales teams. We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to lead generation services or closing roles.

Sales Training at a Glance

  • Sales Representatives undergo a 12-week Sales Fundamentals training during first three months
  • Managers perform weekly call reviews with each team member
  • Mentorship program ensures complete engagement with sales process

Outsource Nigeria Sales Fundamentals training starts on day one, and follows through our entire career. Because each account is different, and the approaches to sales vary along with them, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our training is both adaptable and appropriate for an expansive sales toolkit.